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Three questions with Leo Schindzielorz

As a kid, Leo Schindzielorz always viewed the world through wide, open eyes. When he got his first camera, he quickly developed a passion for photography. These days, Leo Schindzielorz is a self-employed photographer specialising in landscapes, real estate and accommodation, such as hotels and holiday homes. We were curious to learn more about him and asked him three questions about his career.

How would you describe your current style?

"My landscape photography often starts with some planning and a few ideas, sometimes I'm also inspired by tourism agencies or clients," says Leo Schindzielorz. He always observes reality with open eyes, meaning he spots lots of unexpected elements and is able to adapt his perspective to the situation. This results in unique, aesthetic and harmonious landscape photos that can't be found anywhere else.

How did you develop your current way of working?

"Having a keen eye for lines, shapes, perspectives and colours is great and the more you cultivate that, the more creative you get. It's often a process of wandering around, taking in different perspectives and a certain routine you develop doing that. That 'special something' you see in my art is all down to that. If it sets my work apart as unique, natural and inspiring and if I can't keep my eyes off the photo then I know that I’ve done my job."

What is your favourite photo and the story behind it?

"My personal favourite photo is of the Northern Lights over Mount Robson. Taking this photo involved a lot of commitment. To be precise, we're talking five days of hiking, perfect timing and a lot of luck." Initially, Schindzielorz wanted to photograph the Milky Way over Mount Robson. The Northern Lights appeared unexpectedly and he hadn't planned for it at all. "Obviously that was a huge surprise and made me jump for joy," the photographer tells us.

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