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In a gallery you’ve no opportunity to choose size or medium, and, let’s face it, you're also often bound by your budget. Art Heroes is different. We support you in finding what suits you best. A work of art that matches your taste - made of the material and in the size of your liking. Something that you will enjoy for years. That’s our goal! We believe that everyone should be able to go online and buy an original work of printed art that suits them best.

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A piece of Art Heroes history

Jasper came up with the idea for Art Heroes. As a photographer, he missed a platform on which he, but also other amateur photographers, could sell their photos. So he decided, together with his childhood friend Bas, to develop a platform himself, which came to life in 2010 as Art Heroes. Nowadays, trading as Art Heroes outside the Netherlands, we are an award winning international company, helping thousands of artists to sell their work across Europe.

Meet the team

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Ever-growing collection by artists from all over Europe

Art Heroes is the platform for creators. Anyone who paints, takes photographs or draws can offer their art on our platform. With every sale artists receive a commission, supporting them in their creative journey. Thanks to the breadth of our community of artists we can offer a collection that is both extensive and diverse. We’re always looking out for new, talented artists to add to our collection.

Meet the artists

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Made with passion by experienced craftsmen

At Art Heroes we do not mass produce or keep stock, but make to order. Why? So that your favourite work of art fits both your interior and your budget. This allows us to operate sustainably with the minimum of waste. All of our production partners and materials are selected with the highest care, so that we can guarantee the best quality and you can enjoy your artwork for years.

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Service tailored to your needs

Would you like some support in finding the perfect piece of art? We’re very happy to help! Check out our ‘how it works page’ with guidance and tips on finding an artwork that matches your taste, deciding on the right material and choosing the right size. Are you in doubt or would you like some more advice? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Happy Customers team!


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