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How it works

In a gallery you’ve no opportunity to choose size or medium, and, let’s face it, you're also often bound by your budget. Art Heroes offers tailored artworks that match your taste and home.

Art Heroes. Art for everyone.

Finding the perfect artwork

Do you already have a starting point in mind? We’ve divided all our artworks into convenient collections. All our collections are based on a theme, style, colour or trend. Use one of these links as a starting point or use the search bar to find your favourite piece of art.
Tip: save your favourites to your wish list so that you can view them again later or share them with others.

Nature photography

Urban landscapes



Digital art





Deciding on the right material

All of our artworks are available in tailored sizes and a range of high-quality materials. From gemlike photo prints to room covering wallpapers - the best quality for the fairest price. We do not mass produce or even keep stock, but make to order. Why? So that your favourite work of art fits both your interior and your budget.


Either 2 or 4.5cm thick


Wall-filling nonwoven wallpaper

Choosing the right size

The perfect size for your artwork depends on the dimensions of the room, the length of your wall and the scale of your furniture.

Did you know that all artworks are available in (almost) any size? Curious how your artwork will look in your interior? Try out our app and virtually preview your artwork! Looking to make a big statement? Consider creating an art wall!

Tips for the right size

Virtual preview with the app

How to create an art wall

Would you like some more guidance?

Browse through the categories below or check out our FAQs and find everything you want to know more about.

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