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Sustainable art

Sustainability has become a real concern at Art Heroes. We need and want to take responsibility and be part of a better future. We have three central concerns: nature, society and our staff.

How do we handle this?

Our offices are situated in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Many of us live in the city and commute by bike, those of us who live further afield balance home working with coming to the office as a way of reducing our carbon footprint. At Art Heroes, sustainability plays a key role in the decision making processes, as we try to improve our products and working methods.

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Our approach

We produce artworks for everyone, with the customer being at the heart of the process. We produce in response to demand. Customers choose their favourite piece, select a material and stipulate the size. We take care of the rest. The result of this method is that we hold no stock, a fact that largely eliminates waste. In the rare cases where an artwork is damaged or there is another reason why the customer cannot keep a work, we always suggest donating the work to, for example, a care home, shelter or other place. All work returned to our office is given a new home.

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Timeless quality

We select our materials carefully and can guarantee their quality. We don’t believe in fast fashion or mass production. Everything we sell is designed to last, so that you can enjoy your art for years to come.

Sustainable materials

  1. wooden frames for canvases


To offer a guarantee of at least 10 years, our canvases are carefully double folded, this creates a slight thickening and ensures a very long lifespan. Our frames are made with PEFC approved wood.

  1. Wallpaper


The non-woven wallpaper is biodegradable. The seamless wallpaper is exceptionally sturdy and can take heavy use and repeated cleaning.

  1. Textile fabric in ArtFrame animation


This is a textile canvas that is tightly pressed into a sturdy aluminium frame. The biggest advantage is that the textile that carries the print can easily be changed meaning that you can restyle your interior without replacing the entire artwork. If, for example, you redecorate there is no need to entirely start again with your walls. ArtFrame also comes with optional sound-damping panels to improve acoustics. The acoustic polyester wool is made of recycled PET bottles. The material produces no dust, contains no chemical binders and is mild on the skin. The product is 100% recyclable.

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The materials are produced in the Netherlands. The production facilities are carefully selected and are known for craftsmanship and regard for quality. When we launch in a new country, we look for local production sites so that we can minimise delivery distances.

Looking to the future

We want to make our approach even more sustainable, and are always open for ideas. Do you have any tips? We would love to hear from you.

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