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At Art Heroes, you can buy unique work from our community of more than 10,000 affiliated artists. From photography, paintings, to digital art, we have it all. Your chosen artwork can be printed on different materials and formats. Once you have made your selection, the app will help you see if the art fits your interior. Take a picture of your room with your IOS or Android device, ‘hang’ the art and share the result with your partner and friends through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

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How it works

On Art Heroes, you will find that every artwork has a code. Enter this code into the App, and the work is ready to be virtually hung up in your room. Take a picture of your room and hang the work in the right place. Adjust the size of the art to see in which size it looks best.

Tip: When photographing your room, make sure you see more than just the wall. Make sure a sofa, table or TV, etc, is in the picture. By having other furniture in the room, you can make an accurate estimate of the size you can order.

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Share your result!

Share the final result via email with your partners or colleagues. Share it on Facebook or Twitter to get your friends' opinions. Another idea is saving it on your film reel to see the result later. If you already have a good photo of your room, you can quickly hang a new work without having to take another photo.

Keep in mind: The App helps with estimating how and artwork looks in your room and choosing the right size. The result in the App is not a representation of the work's colours. This is due to the photo you take in the App being a darker representation of your room. The work is placed on the photo digitally, and will always be brighter than in the final result of artwork.

This is how we help you find your perfect wall art

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Use the Art Heroes app

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