Tips for hanging your printed art

Hanging tips

Perfect! You’ve found your work, now it needs to be hung! On this page you will discover how to hang your art - often without drilling into the wall.

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Easy peasy

Most prints are delivered ready to be hung (exceptions are loose photo prints, wallpaper and ArtFrame). But how exactly do you hang your work? Here we have several suggestions. All works can be hung from screws (or sturdy nails) without problems - all options, except for loose prints and wallpaper, are delivered with fittings that affix to one or more screws depending on size. More questions? Check out the frequently asked questions below.

Frequently asked questions about hanging work

Most materials except loose photo prints, wallpaper and ArtFrame are immediately ready to hang. But how exactly do you hang your work? All works can be hung from screws (or sturdy nails) without problems - all options, except for loose prints and wallpaper, are delivered with fittings that affix to one or more screws depending on size. Do you specifically want more tips for the material you choose, please click here.

Would you rather not drill a hole in your wall? Then take a look at the hanging systems from STAS. After installing the hanging system, you will never have to drill holes in your walls to hang wall decoration again. Are you ready for something new? Then simply change without drilling.

Typically yes. You can, for example, attach a suspension system to the ceiling. You can easily order a suspension rail from STAS or get one from your local DIY store.

You can hang a photo print in various ways. Unframed prints can be attached directly to a wall, or you can use any available frame. Framed photo prints can be hung conventionally from a nail or screw.

Canvas comes with a hanging system already affixed. The metal fixture can be easily hung from a screw or nail. You place the hanging system on top of a screw or nail, on the ribbed edge. For works under 1 metre, there is a single fixture, for works larger than 1 metre, there are two.

Have you ordered a canvas with a floater frame? The hanging system works identically.

ArtFrame is delivered as self-assembly kit. You simply assemble the frame with the supplied allen key and attach it to the wall with the supplied wall brackets. The art frame cannot be hung on a ceiling rail. Curious how it works? Watch the assembly-video.

Non-woven wallpaper is printed in 47.5cm rolls. As the basic material is sturdy, pasting is made much easier with stretching kept to a minimum. Simply apply the paste to the wall (no need for a table) and affix it one strip at a time. The durability of the paper should ensure that it does not tear or shrink. Before you start sticking the wallpaper, check the prerequisites for a sleek finish:

  • Is your wall clean, dry and smooth? Then there should be no problems!
  • Apply on a light (white) background, this way you ensure that the colour of the background is not visible through the wallpaper.
  • For non-woven wallpaper we recommend wallpaper paste for extra heavy, special and non-woven wallpaper from Bison. Or use Perfax Pink. You can find this at any hardware store.
  • Do you have a very absorbent wall? Then use an adhesive primer or other primer to ensure that the glue remains on the wall’s surface. This also prevents the wallpaper from shrinking and creating unsightly seams. A tip for testing, whether a wall is absorbent or not: spray it with a plant sprayer, if the water is absorbed into the wall then you should consider a primer.
  • While applying wallpaper, make sure the temperature in the room is as normal as possible. It is preferable not to apply wallpaper in extreme cold or heat.

Would you rather see how it’s done? Watch a handy Youtube video here.

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Hanging without drilling

With a ceiling-rail system you gain flexibility. Hooks and cords which hang from this rail allow you to add, move or swap artworks endlessly without the need of screws and nails. You can easily order a hanging-rail here or get one at your local hardware store.

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