How to choose printed art

What size should I choose for my artwork?

For us an empty wall is a missed opportunity. We do know though that decorating can be quite a challenge. The most common question we are asked is: "What size will fit best in my space?". Of course, this is different for every room, but we would like to suggest a few basic rules.

  1. Art Old Masters hallway

Which size for which room?

Our basic rules in a nutshell:

  • For artworks to be hung above a sofa, we often use the two-thirds rule. Choose either an individual picture or compose a collage that is at least 2/3 of the width of the sofa.
  • The two-thirds rule can also be applied above a dining table or other large piece of furniture.
  • Looking to decorate an empty hallway? Choose several artworks of the same size and hang them in a single row. One artwork in panorama form, or a wall-to-wall wallpaper can also work well.
  • Go for artworks that are at least 120 cm wide for your bedroom, or opt for a creative collage or wall-to-wall wallpaper.
  • Do you want to hang something on a wall which has no anchoring piece of furniture? Choose a work of art with a minimum height of 80 cm.

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Frequently asked questions about the right size

Every work is custom-made, which is what makes us unique! We show the sizes in proportion to the works i.e. if you stipulate a particular height then the length of the work will change automatically so that the work remains in proportion. If your favourite size is not listed, this does not mean that we cannot make it. Send us an email with your wishes, and we’ll coordinate with the artist. We will then e-mail you a suitable proposal. For the materials wallpaper and ArtFrame, much larger images are possible, these materials are often chosen for wall-filling formats. The shape and size of the wall are leading here. We will be happy to show you a cut-out of the size that suits your wall.

  1. Art wall collage

Various artwork proportions

We have a diverse range of works with different proportions. All collections can be filtered with us based on the desired ratio. Think of a square proportion, rectangular, round or panorama. Do you prefer a landscape format above the sofa or dining table? Then view the horizontal works. Are you going for length in the living room or hallway? Then choose paintings or photography with a portrait format.

The size of a work of art for above your sofa

Above the sofa is the perfect place for a work of art as it often holds a central place in a room. Your choice of size can be almost as important as your choice of image. Something too small will disappear, something to large will give the impression of a cramped home. Make sure the artwork is around two-thirds the width of the sofa. If your sofa is 180cm wide, for example, choose something with a minimum width of 120cm.

  1. Art too small above the sofa

Example of an artwork that is too small above the sofa.

  1. Correct size printed art above sofa

Example of a recommended size above the sofa.

  1. Voorbeeld Bank

We ❤ nosy!
This customers choose the perfect size.

  1. Art above your couch

More tips for above your couch: tip 1

Leave 30 to 40 cm space around the work. This 'air' ensures an unimpeded view and stops cramping.

Works in panorama format also work well above a couch. The two-thirds rule can be met while ensuring that enough 'air' is kept around the artwork.

  1. Nice art above your couch

More tips for above your couch

Finding it hard to choose for something above the sofa? A solution might be to order several smaller-sized pieces and hang them as a collage or multi-panel.

Dimensions of an artwork above the dining table

The dining table is also a great place to hang something special. The most important thing to bear in mind is the size. The rules that we have applied above for sofas still apply. For an artwork above the dining table, we also recommend the two-thirds rule. If your table is 150 cm wide, for example, you should choose a work of at least 100cm in width. This rule doesn’t apply if the artwork is to hang at the head of the table. In that case, we recommend choosing a vertical, and possibly standing piece, that is no wider than the table.

  1. Art Hallway tips

Make a grand entry out of your hallway

Choosing one work for your hallway is difficult. Make it too big, and your hallway will feel small. Make it too small, and it feels tiny. That's why we recommend hanging several small works of art in the hallway. These are best hung side by side. Think about uniting the pictures with a theme. Places you’ve visited, for example, cities you love or artworks from a single artist who sets a particular atmosphere.

A work of art above the bed

In your bedroom, choose for either peace or contrast. See below for some examples. In terms of size, we recommend a work of art at least 120 cm wide above a double bed. Similarly to above a sofa, a collage of smaller artworks also works well above a bed. If you really want to be creative, hang the collage out of balance for an impactful dynamic. Want to completely immerse yourself in art? Choose wall-to-wall wallpaper!

  1. Art above your bed
  1. Art wallpaper above your bed
  1. Wallpaper bedroom
  1. Art on an empty wall

On an empty wall

A wall without an anchor point (i.e. a piece of furniture that holds the eye)? Then we recommended height. Choose a work that is at least 80 cm high. Anything smaller will be soon lost. A work in portrait format, or literally a portrait, works very well in such a setting.

  1. Tip, test art size with paper

Tip: test it with paper!

If you want to be a 100% sure of the size, get to work with A4 paper (or a bin bag) and adhesive tape. Stick the pieces of paper together with tape in the size you think is right, and stick it to the wall (a bin bag can typically be stuck with static electricity).

Use the app! Can't figure it out yet? Use our iPhone, iPad & Android app to virtually hang an artwork in your own room. If you’d like a second opinion, send us a picture of the room, and one of stylists will be happy to advise you.

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