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Tips for choosing the perfect artwork!

Unique prints to fill your home, the most important place in your life. It is where you relax and retreat to, where you meet friends and family. Every wall deserves great art.

Tip 1: Reflect your passions

Wall decoration reflecting your favourite sport, hobby, or passion guarantees emotional connection. Are you a huge fan of the Tour de France? Or passionate about playing the guitar or the piano? In our wide range, there’s something for everyone. Take a look at the food, music and outdoor collections, for example.

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Tip 2: Cherished memories

Are you still hankering after that perfect holiday? Or the time your favourite club won? Is it surroundings closer to home that you love? A map, photo, or painting would look great on your wall! Cherish your best memories with the perfect picture.

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  1. Pastel coloured bedroom wallpaper

Tip 3: Themed by room

Do you need something for a specific room? Every room has its own characteristics where certain materials or shapes work best. Beautiful pictures of food in the kitchen? Something water resistant for the bathroom? Or perhaps a canvas especially designed for outdoor display?

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  1. Colourful portrait painting of woman on the wall

Tip 4: Work with a specific colour

Colour is the connecting factor in every interior. Recurring shades in a room create serenity. Why not search our entire collection by colour?

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  1. Pastel interior with two matching art works

Tip 5: Shop the trend

We have curated beautiful collections based on the latest trends and timeless styles. Think for example of an expansive but sparse landscape in an industrial interior. Or something stylish and geometric for a Scandinavian home. For lovers of the Urban Jungle, perhaps a botanical print wallpaper? More of a retro type? Check out our vintage favourites.

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Tip 6: Lover of a particular style?

Our artists work in an incredibly diverse range of styles. We have many talented photographers, but also professional digital artists and a large selection of works from the Old Masters. Therefore, we have also collected art by style. Select the collection that sparks your interest and get inspired.

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