Werkaande Muur 755695 Blick auf Bodensee und Schweizer Alpen im Herbst Dieter Walther

In conversation with Dieter Walther

Dieter Walther is a qualified mechanical engineer and used to practise photography, while indulging his love of travelling, as a way of counterbalancing the stresses of his profession. Around 40 years ago, he began this hobby during one of his first long trips. Since he retired a few years ago, his hobby has developed into a passion, and along with his wife, he's been travelling more and more around the world.

His way of working

When taking photos, Dieter Walther primarily acts spontaneously. Most of the time, he photographs whatever happens to be in front of his lens. However, the qualified mechanical engineer also plans out intentional photos of specific subjects. He loves to capture particular moods with unique weather and lighting conditions. "However, I edit all my photos in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop in order to emphasise specific thoughts or feelings I had while taking the picture," says Dieter Walther.

Important artistic milestones

“Travelling to far-off countries with remarkable landscapes, nature and architecture keeps rekindling my love for photography. Particularly the magnificent landscapes in the west of the United States. Then, when I'm back home behind my computer, in my "laboratory", able to edit the photos and the final results end up matching the vision I had in my head when I took them – that’s when I'm happy and satisfied.”

Favourite photo and the story behind it

“Honestly, I find it difficult to pick out a specific photo from all my many thousands of them. However, I do really like the photo of a rusty vintage car in the ghost town of Bodie, California. Image code: 1113398. Back then, my wife and I were travelling around California with a couple we're friends with and we visited the ghost town Bodie. My friend is also an avid photographer, so we took loads of photos. This old car body in particular caught my attention. I'm really pleased with the result of the photo (a film photo that was later digitalised), mainly because for me it also reflects my mood at that time and whenever I look at it, I think about what a great time it was.”

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