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Annette Schmucker's career and artistic work

Born in the Bavarian town of Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Annette Schmucker has been passionate about art from a young age. In this short interview, the artist offers us some insight into her career and artistic work.

Space for inspiration

Until the year 2000, the now freelance artist worked as a doctor. She tells us that her artistic education was mainly self-directed. As a self-taught artist she doesn't feel beholden to anybody. "I don't have to aim for a particular style or paint in a certain way," she says. "I'm the only 'judge' of my paintings." This creates a massive amount of freedom that gives her plenty of space to keep coming up with new image ideas.

Light, space and expansiveness

Annette covers a broad spectrum in her creations. "I love the diversity of painting and each time I work with really different topics and techniques." The artist also often works on different techniques and images at the same time. The vastness and freedom of her painting is reflected in her creative process. "An overarching feature of my paintings is imagery and expression: my goal is to depict light, space and expansiveness. To do this, I work with both tangible and abstract patterns and I like to combine these."

People and horizons

At the moment, the artist is particularly interested in the subject of people in her work. For this, she places her figures in abstract spaces. The techniques that she uses are varied: oil paints play a major role in most of her paintings because they're glossy. But the artist also likes combining oil paints with acrylic paints for new experimental techniques. Almost all of her paintings are constructed from lots of transparent layers laid on top of each other. Since oil paints have such long drying times, a painting takes months to complete. Annette always works on several of these paintings at once.

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