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A peek at Maggie's place

Today we're taking a look at Maggie's place. She's a content creator and she loves interior design. Maggie is 36 years old and she lives with her husband and two children in an old apartment in Berlin. When she's not busy studying or working, she likes to spend her free time working out, going to concerts and spending time with friends. She also regularly runs around with a pot of paint because she enjoys redecorating her home. In this interview, Maggie tells us more about herself and her life in Berlin, and she invites us into her beautiful apartment.

About Maggie

LIVES in Berlin TOGETHER with her husband and kids INSTAGRAM @minimal.x.plumi ON THE WALL Lila Wolken from Maria Kitano

Maggie describes her style as "Nordic urban minimalism with a touch of boho".

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Berlin, Berlin...

Maggie lives with her family in a typical 98m² Berlin apartment. She instantly fell in love with her apartment because of its two magnificent double doors, one of which is ironically bricked up. But that's about to change. When we ask her if she's changed anything about her home yet, Maggie answers: "Just small things because I enjoy upcycling and giving things a new lease of life." Maggie's favourite place in her home is currently the living room because she thinks it's perfect (except for a few small details) and she spends a large part of her time here because she works from home.

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Maggie's art

Maggie is fond of abstract art. For her bedroom, she wanted something minimalist and timeless, but not boring; something you'd always enjoy looking at. Maggie already has a lot of posters and photo frames in her apartment. "This time I wanted something special for my bedroom, so I went for an ArtFrame," she tells us.

"I'm constantly moving furniture, decorations and anything else I can get my hands on – I just always have new ideas. Sometimes I drive my husband mad with this. But I think he's used to it by now and he trusts me," says Maggie, laughing.


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